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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Quest Objective 1: Breathe

Welcome, Knights in the Army Against Rage, to your first Objective in The Quest, a cause to rid gaming of Gamer Rage.

Not a Knight yet? No problem! Joining is as simple as emailing me that you want in! joe.lutovsky@gmail.com Visit THIS PAGE for more info on The Quest and the Army Against Rage. You should become a Knight. It would mean a lot to have you in our army.

If we want to eliminate Gamer Rage from the world of gaming we first need to make sure we've eliminated it from ourselves. Just as the Jedi must do their best to keep the dark side out of themselves, so must we do our best to keep from raging at games.

Gamer Rage can sneak up on all of us, so we need to always be aware of Gamer Rage in ourselves. If you feel like you are getting annoyed or frustrated by a game, just relax, and breathe.

The first, and best step to flushing that rage away is breathing.



Something as simple as breathing can do wonders in every aspect of your life, not just gaming.

If you're getting stressed or frustrated at a game, just breathe. Be aware of your breathing. It'll calm you down.

Remind yourself that It's Just a Game, and that there is really no reason to be bothered by what's happening.

You got pwned by someone.

So what.


Something unfair happened.

So what.


Someone is trying to get at you.

So what.


Enjoy your game.

We play games for lots of reasons, most importantly to be happy. I don't think anyone plays games, or does anything, to frustrate or irritate themselves.

Being angry will never get you anywhere or do you any good. Ever. So be happy instead, it'll do you a lot more good.

Remember that when you start feeling the rage building up inside you.

You should always be conscious of how you're feeling. If you are aware of harmful negative feelings rising up, you'll be more equipped to get rid of them or shrug them off, and continue being happy.

You're in control of your emotions. Don't let them consume you. That leads to the Dark Side. To Gamer Rage.


Remember to have fun.

Learn to laugh at what's happening rather than yelling at it.

Someone greased you in an online game.

So what.

It happens to everyone.


Don't be mad about it, laugh at how you got smoked, respawn, and hop back in the fray.

Single player game getting to you?

Pause the game.

Simmer down.


Try again.

If it's still getting to you, change the difficulty, you'll be happier.


Once we've conquered our own Gamer Rage, then we can start to help vanquish the Gamer Rage in others.

Enjoy your game.

Enjoy your life.


Want more resources on how to improve your satisfaction with your own life and be happier?

Explore one of my biggest inspirations for this blog: Zenhabits.net

Or check out this life changing book, The Power of Now. I own it. I've read it. I would be a much less happy person without it.

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