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Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's Just a Game.

If you're reading this, then that makes me happy. This is my first blog post, on my first blog ever.

I hope you'll find something worth reading here.

Why do we play video games?

We play for lots of different reasons. I would guess that the main reason we play games is for fun and to entertain ourselves. Often we play to escape reality for a while. If we sit down to play games for fun, why is it then, that we so often find ourselves yelling at the television, or squeezing our controllers in frustration?

It’s just a game right?

Though I, as well as many others I suspect, would argue that video games are now more than ever more than just mere games, to some extent that will always be true.

So why let these games drive us to the point of extreme frustration or anger? Anger and frustration are not good for anyone, not for yourself or those around you. Yet I'm sure you still find yourself in situations where these emotions start to rise up.

I found myself in this situation a lot back when I played Gears of War 2 online regularly. If you've played that game online, especially back when it was first released, you'll know where I'm coming from when I say that it frustrated me to no end.

I often found myself in play sessions where my anger and frustration at the game would outweigh the fun I had playing it.

This bothered me.

I wasn't a professional gamer or anything. There was nothing depending on my performance in the game. Nothing bad was going to happen if I died or if I lost.

I decided back then that I wouldn't let games get to me anymore. I want to be as happy as possible as often as possible and letting games frustrate me gets in the way of that philosophy.

If you look back a month from now, a week from now, or even a day from now, you'll realize that getting mad over a game was just a waste of your time. Time you could've spent having fun and being happy.

This is why I don't let games get to me anymore. I don’t take it all as seriously when I’m playing online. I encourage you to examine yourself and how you treat games in this regard as well.

I love playing games online, and especially doing well online. But if I'm losing, it doesn't bother me, I'm in it to play it, not to win or prove to all of the anonymous people out there that I'm better than them. In most cases, whether you win or lose, you'll still bank yourself some XP anyway.

If you’re at the point where a game is starting to frustrate you, just quit. I do. Drop out right there, or just wait until the match is over, and go find something else to play. Or take a break from playing all together.

You'll feel better.

Gaming should be about positive feelings, not negative ones. That’s how I strive to experience the games I play and I think you should too.

So next time you hop into an online gaming session, remember that whether you do good or not, it doesn't really matter. Just play to have fun, I promise you'll enjoy the whole experience much more if you lighten up about it. And when you look back on it in the future, you'll be glad you decided to play happy rather than angry.


  1. why play if you're not always trying your hardest to win

  2. ... he said it the entire post. to have fun

  3. Sounds like you got it right ,,,wish more people had this approach ....unfortunately i think people like you and I are the minority

  4. Hi there,
    you are absolutely right saying "its just game". I am in the online casino affiliate business and have seen even more frastration over there as well. The problem is that some players take the gaming online too serious not understanding that it must be just a play to have fun. If you consider to be a professional player, than you have to dedicate all your afforts to that. Otherwise, you would feel frastrated.
    Regards. Robert

  5. I like it, I often agree with this but on the other hand I find myself being like that, all rage. I think it's the competitiveness in one's self.


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